Nikolay GeorgievAdvanced Drum Processing (Sponsored by Acustica Audio)

Nikolay Georgiev – SAE Institute/Acustica Audio

Nik was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At 15 he made his first four-track recording and since then has been recording and mixing projects from classical, rock, electronic and experimental avant-garde music. Nikolay’s educational profile includes an undergraduate course in general engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, first class honours degree in Philosophy at the University of Sofia (with additional specialisation at Universität des Saarlandes, Germany) and a 2-year course in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute London. He now works as a Music Producer, Recording Engineer and an internal and 3rd party Plug-in Developer for Acustica Audio‘s Acqua platform and represents the company in the UK. Nikolay also holds a position as an Audio and Music Production Lecturer at SAE Institute London.   Nik is a past chair of the AES UK Section.  As student liaison and events coordinator for the AES,  Nik chaired the first two editions of the annual Up Your Output! event — the UK’s first in many years designated specifically for Student Members.

This workshop will look at drum recording and mixing, focussing on unusual and creative techniques that make a kit sound great and a production stand out.


Ioana Barbu – Bauer Media.

Ioana is a music producer (including recording / mixing / mastering) sessions for all the Bauer brands in London, at One Golden Square: Absolute Radio, Planet Rock, Kerrang!, Kiss and Magic. Nominated for Best Music Producer – Radio Production Awards 2015. Session work included artists such as Bryan Adams, Stereophonics, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Savoretti, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Gaz Coombes, Blossoms, The 1975 etc.

Due to her background in radio, she specialises in Broadcast Technology, with responsibilities such as broadcast and playout systems, broadcast infrastructure, delivering national and international outside broadcasts. Ioana continues to freelance as a mastering engineer at Formation Audio, studio led by mastering engineer John-Paul Braddock.

Live Sound (Sponsored by Harman international and d&b audiotechnik)

Andrew Horsburgh & Jon Burton.

Andrew J. Horsburgh is a full time lecturer in media technology at Southampton Solent University.  He joined Solent University in August 2013 from the University of the West of Scotland.  Andrew’s responsibilities include sponsoring engagement between the media industry to foster student employability, and developing a wider profile for the four degree pathways.   Previous to lecturing Andrew was a freelance sound engineer.   His professional experience consists of providing sound system design, construction and installation, operation, and quality assurance across the UK. From 2006 until 2012 Andrew worked for the O2 Group, Analogue Live, A-Live Productions, Black Box Pro Audio, and the International Guitar Foundation.   He continues to work in the industry, and has most recently toured as the front of house engineer for Sundara Karma.


Jon Burton has been sound engineering since leaving school. As a monitor and front of house engineer he has worked at the highest level with acts such as Stereophonics, Pendulum and, for the last ten years, The Prodigy.  Jon has also delivered guest lectures in colleges and universities from Newcastle to Serbia.  He also runs The Laundry Rooms Studios recording studio complex in Sheffield as well as maintaining an ever growing collection of vintage mixing desks for rental.

He has a broad knowledge of many aspects of sound engineering, from live, to studio and broadcast. His love of sub is well known, as is his interest in echo machines, with a collection that currently stands at around 25 different units.

About Harman International:   A musical performance is about people coming together to share a message, a talent, and an experience. Great audio is the foundation of that experience. It’s the connection that binds us together. With great sound, the audience feels more, hears more, and is immersed more in the experience. Music is a communal experience generated by the artist, delivered by the engineer.

This is the foundation upon which Harman products including JBL, Crown, AKG, Soundcraft and Lexicon designs are based on, and why some of the world’s greatest engineers and performers make them their first choice. Harman’s customers reach back as far as Elvis and Sinatra, right up to today’s performers including; Chase and Status, Laura Mvula, Massive Attack, Tinie Tempah, Lenny Kravitz and Maroon Five.

Chris Barlow

Audio for Games using Wwise and UE4

Chris Barlow – Solent Acoustics/Southampton Solent University

Chris studied Music at the University of Sheffield and Music Technology at the University of York.  Always interested in the science of sound, Chris moved into acoustics for his PhD at the University of York, specialising in voice and speech analysis, and completed in 2003 to work in a postdoctoral research fellowship at Leeds College of Music. He moved to Southampton Solent University in 2004 as a lecturer in audio engineering, was made Reader in 2009, Associate Professor in 2012 and Professor in 2016.  He has taught in both the Secondary and Higher education sectors as a specialist in Audio Engineering and Acoustics.  Particular interests include audio production, sound design, spatial audio and sound for video games, with recent projects focusing on 3d and virtual reality.   Chris is Head of Solent Acoustics – the university’s acoustic consultancy and training business.

This practical workshop will introduce the WWise audio engine, and look at the process of creating sounds in the engine, and integrating them with a game in the Unreal 4 games engine.

Careers in the audio and music products business (Sponsored by Interfacio Ltd)

Jo Hutchins – Interfacio

Jo is a recruitment consultant specialising exclusively in recruiting design engineers for R&D departments within the audio and broadcast industries. She studied Electronic Engineering at Nottingham University, followed by completing a part-time Masters Degree in Environmental Acoustics at London South Bank. She started her career in engineering on an apprenticeship course sponsored by Thorn EMI, and after gaining experience in a variety of departments, then moved to Soundcraft to design audio mixing desks, focussing on software development for large automated analogue consoles.  An active musician and pianist, she enjoys playing a wide spectrum of music in her spare time, ranging from Mozart to Mingus.   Jo now works for Interfacio, where she is able to use her experiences from within the industry to match up talent with the exciting opportunities available, and provide support and advice to young engineers.

Richard Wear – Interfacio

Richard is the Founder and Principal Consultant for specialist recruitment agency, Interfacio. He’s worked in the professional audio industry since graduating from Warwick University, England in 1986 with a BSc Hons in Engineering Science. Initially working in direct sales of high-tech recording equipment supplying the UK music, recording and TV sectors, Richard moved on to work for the Japanese manufacturer Fostex where he became sales and marketing manager for the company’s range of professional audio products. There he spearheaded the development of a number of ground-breaking digital audio products designed for the film and post-production markets. During this time Richard worked on numerous product development and marketing assignments in Europe, Asia, the USA and the UK. In addition to working with distributors and customers in all parts of the world, his experience has given him a unique insight into the diverse business challenges and methodologies needed by a specialist global technology brand business. Richard’s workshop will include advice and guidance for young people looking to take their first step into the world of professional audio.

Loudspeaker Design concepts (sponsored by PMC)

Ian Downs – PMC Loudspeakers.    Ian is the UK Sales manager for professional products for PMC loudspeakers.    PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy® for their contribution to recording excellence. With film, it would be easier to list the blockbuster movies which did not use PMC during the process of music production and post! But titles include: Titanic, Mission Impossible, Captain Phillips, Pearl Harbor, Game of Thrones – TV, Iron Man 1& 2, Skyfall, Spiderman 1,2,3 and Pirates of the Caribbean and many many more.   PMC are one of the top monitor brands across the professional audio world, from broadcasters to mastering houses.

This workshop looks at the different design concepts behind loudspeakers, considering the pros and cons of Transmission Line vs Sealed cabinet vs ported reflex design.


Audio Test and measurement

Graham Boswell – Prism Sound.

Graham is Prism Sound’s original founder and current Joint Chief Executive and Director of Sales and Marketing.   He manages the business in partnership with Chief Technology Officer Ian Dennis.  Graham graduated in Electronic Engineering Design and Production from Middlesex Polytechnic (now Middlesex University) in the UK and is an experienced Electronics Engineer and an audio enthusiast.

This workshop will review traditional measurements like frequency response and THD+N and then look at FFT analysis, covering a fundamental understanding of FFT (and helping to avoid some of the misunderstandings about FFT analysis).   This will be demonstrated using Prism Sound’s dScope tools.   There will be a practical, hands-on element, and delegates wanting to participate in this workshop are welcome to bring their own devices to test.

Optimising your studio monitoring – speakers, acoustics and room calibration

Paul Mortimer – Emerging UK & Roger Roschnik – PSi Audio

Paul is the Managing Director of Emerging UK, a leading Pro Audio and high end HiFi equipment sales and distribution company who specialise in quality brands such as Merging Technologies, PSI Audio, Trinnov Audio, Avid and DAD  for recording, mastering, post production broadcast, live events and home.

Paul began his career in 1984 aged 16 as a tape op in a small local studio in Canterbury and soon progressed to Abbey Road Studios where he trained as an engineer. Later he joined record producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley as chief engineer at their London based Westside Studios and residential studio Hook End Manor near Henley. During his engineering career Paul worked with artists such as Freddy Mercury, Morrissey, Chris Rea, Gary Moore, Deacon Blue, Saxon, Hot House Flowers, Duran Duran, Stevie Wonder, Madness and many more.  After 3 years as a freelance engineer, Paul became involved in the development of the Sony OXF-R3 “Oxford “ digital console which then lead to a full time role for Sony as Product Manager for digital consoles. Paul then joined Total Audio Solutions to develop the distribution of Merging Technologies Pyramix DAW in the UK which subsequently lead to Paul forming Emerging in 2007.


Roger is a long term audio passionate with a degree in mechanical engineering as well as a MBA. He started his career in engineering consultancy before spending 12 years in a leading multinational company. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, he then started several industrial companies in Switzerland and abroad as well as working as an independent consultant in various fields. Roger joined Relec SA as CEO in 2014 when Alain Roux, the founder stepped down.

Paul and Roger will be running a workshop on the design of active loudspeakers, the effects room acoustics has on your monitoring and how the latest technologies in Active Bass Absorption and 3D DSP correction can improve the imaging, timing and modes of any room to achieving an accurate reference. Practical demonstrations and listening sessions will be made.



Transaural audio – Development of a 3D soundbar

Dr Marcos Simón  – ISVR.

Marcos is a 3D audio scientist within the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. Marcos Simón graduated in 2010 from the Technical University of Madrid with a BSc in telecommunications. After a short time working in video engineering, he came to the University of Southampton, where he pursued an MSc in Sound and Vibration. In ISVR, he got a PhD working in personal audio with loudspeaker arrays for improving speech intelligibility in hard of hearing people, and also in the modelling of cochlear mechanics. He is currently working on the S3A spatial audio program “Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listening Experience at Home”. In 2013 he has been awarded with the IOA young persons’ award for innovation in acoustical engineering and the Sociedad Española de Acústica (Spanish Acoustical Society) Andrés Lara prize for young scientists. He has interests in binaural audio and is quite keen about funk, flamenco and motorcycles.

This workshop looks at the concepts of transaural audio and the development of a 3d soundbar technology, including practical demonstration.

Delighted audience. Happy neighbours

Oran Burns – d&b audiotechnik.  After the realisation that keyboards and synthesisers were too difficult to master, the sound desk became Oran’s instrument of choice. Initial forays involved mixing a friend’s cover band in local pubs which highlighted the need for formal training. After enrolling as a live sound student at the Sound Training Centre in Dublin a whole new world of opportunity opened up. Following a studio assistant role and various live gigs in and around Dublin, a chance meeting with an established engineer led to regular gig mixing at the Spirit Store in Dundalk. The Sound Training Centre then took him back, this time to teach their live sound course, but also mix gigs in The Button Factory. Oran joined the d&b education and application support team in 2010 to boost development of the education programme for customers and end users throughout the UK and Ireland.

In ‘Delighted audience. Happy neighbours‘ Oran Burns will discuss how we can predict sound propagation over distance from complex sound sources and explore the methods and technologies available in delivering an enhanced audience experience with reduced offsite disturbance.

Guitar Speaker Measurements – Anechoic to Studio

Andrew Harper, Celestion/GP Acoustics.   Andy is a Research Engineer at Celestion, based in Ipswich UK. A trained listener and guitarist with live and studio experience, he has designed a number of guitar speakers currently in production, and led Celestion into the digital era with the launch of Celestion Impulse Responses.  He has worked on many PA speaker and system designs whilst at Celestion, and has worked to further their modelling, measurement and waveguide design practices.   He graduated with a BSc in Physics in 2009 from Royal Holloway University of London, then gained an MSc in Sound and Vibration Studies from the ISVR University of Southampton in 2011.

This discussion will look at  guitar speaker measurements, and  impulse responses.   It will look at why mic position affects the sound, plotting the frequency response of typical studio microphone techniques, and relating this this to more standard anechoic on-axis and power measurements as well as polar and contour plots.


Andy FarnellPure Data – Zero to Hero (double length workshop)

Andy Farnell is a computer scientist from the UK with specializations in signal processing, modelling and synthesis. He is a pioneer of procedural audio and the author of MIT textbook “Designing Sound”, Andy is visiting professor at several European institutions and consultant to interactive media companies. He is a senior lecturer in Audio Engineering at SAE London and also currently works as Head of R&D at Mogees Ltd.  Andy is also an enthusiastic advocate and hacker of Free open source software, who believes in educational opportunities and access to enabling tools and knowledge for all.

Zero to Hero Pure Data Workshop – Learn basic music DSP in a day.    High intensity 3.5 hour workshop.   Bring a laptop with Pure Data installed, and patch along with Jedi Master instructor to create drums, synthesisers and effects.

While there will be computing facilities available for this workshop, it is ideal for participants wishing to attend this workshop to bring their own laptop with the vanilla PureData version installed ( – can run on Mac, PC or Linux).  You will also need a set of decent headphones, and ideally a mouse

Integrated & Holistic Sound System Design in Buildings

Andy Lambert (Arup Acoustics)


This seminar will look at how sound systems affect the architectural design of a building and how early strategic advice on the implications of the sound system design (and it’s intended audio content) can avoid problems later in the design process and, most importantly, avoid a poorly integrated final design. The seminar also looks at the limitations of loudspeaker technology in overcoming ‘hostile’ acoustic environments.